Site Rules


Rules for international users

  1. International users are welcome to join and participate in the germanophone SCP community.
  2. It is allowed to write in English on the forums.
    • Please keep in mind that some users do not speak English well, or not at all.
  3. It is possible for international users to write OC for the germanophone branch, however, that requires writing in German or to partner with someone to translate the work to German. The normal rules for new articles that can be found in the original rules apply in such cases as well.

Basic- and behavior rules

The rules of this section are a translation of the first section of the original rules.

  1. Be kind, respectful, constructive, and always assume the best intentions from other users.
  2. It is not allowed to take money for services that regard the wiki in any way. It is explicitly disallowed to take money for writing help or feedback in general. This will result in a one-year ban for the person taking the money. Content-creators that create artworks, readings, videos, etc are not affected by this rule for these works. There are no exceptions
  3. SCPs are not real.
  4. Please do not roleplay.
  5. We reserve the right to allow exceptions from rules that do not explicitly exclude exceptions if there is a really good reason.
    • Any exception is a single-case decision and no basis for argumentation for following requests for exceptions.
    • If an exception is approved, it is to be evaluated if it should result in a change of the rules.
    • “Good reasons” are for example flaws in rules or special cases not directly covered by the rules, that require a quick solution. “Good reasons” are exclusive of objective nature.
    • There can only be exceptions from topics that have no influence on other cases and that do not lead to unequal treatment of users. Severe or controversial exceptions require a change of the rules instead.
  6. All users are called upon to give feedback and critique to existing articles as well as to drafts in the forum (this includes non-German speaking users).
    • All feedback and critique should be balanced, objective, helpful, and counterbalance negatives with positives.
  7. All users shall vote on articles honestly.
    • The votes are anonymous but are reviewed by admins in cases of suspicion of vandalism.
    • Especially when you vote negatively on an article, it is much appreciated to also give feedback.
  8. In all cases in which the rules are contradicting, unclear or undefined, the unwritten rule #1 applies: Don't be a dick!
    • It is requested to report such cases so the rules can be corrected or the case can be discussed.
  9. Everything that does not stand in the original rules is not a rule. This very article just contains a translation of selected original rules as well as further explanations.
  10. All users are called upon to evaluate the original rules as well as this article for errors, unclearness, and possible enhancements, and to propose changes.
  11. All users with more than common user rights (admins, moderators, Beauftragte) are forbidden to use these rights for personal gains. The community has to protest against such cases.
  • All terms in these rules are regardless of gender; in all cases, all persons of all genders are addressed.
  • No liability is assumed regarding rules regarding legal or license matters.


The rules of this section are a translation of parts of the second section of the original rules.

  1. The minimum age for the Wiki and the Chat is 14 years. There are no exceptions.
  2. Membership in this Wiki requires to have read and accepted the legal disclaimer. A translation tool is advised.
  3. The рasswоrd to enter the Wiki is Goldfisch (with c but without a following space!).
    • The рasswоrd for the Sandbox can be found in the original rules in German.
  4. Membership in this Wiki can be revoked at any time in cases of breaking of rules and a ban can be inflicted for a limited or indefinite time.
    • Interpretation of the rules and the evaluation of violations is carried out by the administration.
    • Decisions of the past are no precedence; all decisions are made case-by-case.
    • Possible disciplinary action guidelines are no rules.

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